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David Slack - Davron Engineer Wollongong

David’s working career has been both diverse and challenging in all skills learnt in all aspects of his career are still used in today’s working environment.

A brief stint in Australia’s only nuclear reactor ANSTO during his university days was followed after his graduation from the University of NSW as a water engineer in the then NSW public works department where he was involved in water reticulation and trunk main design projects for the central coast and northern tablelands area of NSW.

After several years David then moved to Wollongong to be a site engineer for the construction of the extensive civil work associated with the Port Kembla coal loader.

These works included extensive bulk earthworks, roads, drainage, water and electrical reticulation, dust suppression systems and landscaping the entire site.

Towards the end of the coal loader project David joined Cleary Bros, an Illawarra based, family owned vertically integrated business employing close to 400 people supplying services to the construction industry. David’s first role with Cleary Bros was project manager for the construction of the ad work areas for two coal mines within the Singleton and Lithgow areas.

Following these projects David was engineering manager, responsible for the estimating and construction coordination of their civil engineering division which included subdivision and large civil engineering projects. David also became involved with Cleary Bros other divisions, providing engineering advice for their infrastructure projects, including their sand and hard rock quarries. David designed and supervised construction of the small vehicle waste transfer at the Lucas Heights waste disposal depot, as well as being involved in the tendering and construction of Australian Steel Mill Services (ASMS), which involved the receipt of, processing and selling of the by-product of steel making.

He was also the company’s project manager for their landholdings for stage 1 of the West Dapto land release, now known as Horsley.

David prepared for, attended and had extensive experience in the Land and Environment court for a number of their quarry expansion operations.

After fifteen years David began his own engineering business. Whilst primarily providing civil and structural engineering consultancy to the residential construction industry, as a consequence of his extensive and varied background David has consulted on numerous types of projects.

These projects include Melbourne City Link and the Gold Coast Tugun bypass, major road infrastructure projects; investigating, designing and construction supervision of concrete travel ways built over existing and failing sixty year old concrete floors within the Port Kembla Steelworks.

David also provides services to builders for the re-development of existing and/or partially constructed structures where the history of design and/or construction is not known. Projects have included residential unit buildings where the original builder has gone broke.

David is currently consulting on the re-development of a site on King Island, Tasmania where a sixty old concrete framed and floored building is adjacent a timber building with a basement three meters below ground level and was burnt down twelve months ago.

David enjoys these diverse projects and believes builders often consult with him where there are construction issues that need innovative solutions to create a realistic and economical solution.

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