Stormwater Design Wollongong

Stormwater drainage system and engineering designs for residential, commercial and industrial developments have been provided by Davron Engineering Wollongong in Illawarra for over 21 years.

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Davron Engineering have below put together some commonly asked questions and terms used in Stormwater management.

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is runoff from hard surfaces that prevent rain from soaking into the ground such as roads, driveways, footpaths and roofs.  Water often flows from property drains to street gutters and/or pipe systems operated by local councils.

What is a Stormwater Drainage Management Plan?

The stormwater drainage system is a network of pipes, pits and overland drainage swales which are owned by individual property owners.

Flood risk management and drainage are key considerations when planning a new development.

A Stormwater drainage plan is typically required by council for all new buildings and for alterations and additions that involves changes to stormwater drainage on a property.  It is a proposed illustrated design how rainwater will be managed on a site.

A plans usually considers:

  • Ground topography and geomorphology
  • Roof and surface water discharge
  • Drain location
  • Surface obstructions
  • Soil type and depth
  • Underground obstructions
  • Design depth
  • Ground conditions
  • Environmental considerations
  • Flood impact
  • Demonstration of no adverse impact on neighbouring properties stormwater conditions

Davron Engineering, Stormwater engineers in Wollongong, have the expertise to prepare cost effective design solutions and reports that will be accepted and approved.

Services provided includes:

What is Stormwater quality plan?

Is an acceptable outcome to ensure a development is planned, design constructed and operated to manage stormwater and wastewater in line with protecting the environmental values identified in the Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2009.  The objective is to protect the receiving water quality of stormwater pollutants discharged.

What is a water-cycle management study?

With a rapid increase in population, it is recognised that better water planning is needed on land used for residential, rural-residential, commercial or industrial development.  For a more sustainable future for generations to come stormwater has been highlighted as a resource – with social, environmental and economic opportunities.

Both a stormwater quality plan and water-cycle management study is a strategy to implement water quality measures so that the stormwater generated from a site is treated to minimise the environmental impacts on the recovery lands and water.

Some councils have introduced management strategies to promote the conservation of our drinking water.  This has put an emphasis on an efficient and effective re-use of Stormwater to reduce the use of high quality drinking water being used for purposes that only require a lower quality of water.

At Davron Engineering, our civil, structural and flood and drainage engineers bring an immense amount of knowledge to each and every project, understanding that every project is different.  Predominantly servicing the Illawarra and Southern Highlands area of NSW, Davron Engineering’s extensive portfolio of projects include projects all along the eastern seaboard ranging from Papua New Guinea, Queensland, the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania.