Swimming Pool Design Wollongong

If you’re thinking about installing a pool on your property, then one of the first things you’ll want to decide on is the type of swimming pool to build.  Davron engineering, based in Wollongong, will complete your swimming pools design and below have put together some important considerations.

Swimming Pool Design Wollongong

You have three main choices a custom-designed concrete pool, a prefabricated fibreglass pool or a vinyl liner pool.

Why design a concrete swimming pool?

In the Illawarra, Sutherland and Southern Highlands when you think ‘pool’ you think ‘lifestyle’.

The trend in 2017 is carefully planned outdoor spaces with the acknowledgement that houses are also an investment so a swimming pool needs to add value to your home.

Because Concrete Pools can be custom designed pools to fit any space or size, concrete Swimming Pools are the most common type of swimming pool. In fact, Concrete swimming pools represent 60% of pools being built today and are an asset when the owner looks to sell the home.

With fibreglass swimming pool designs you are limited to the mould designs available and the material for a vinyl liner swimming pool is a polymer which will need to be replaced as it breaks down over time, therefore will not add value to your home.

Facts about concrete pools

  • Poured concrete offers more design flexibility than any other type of pool construction
  • Since concrete pools are constructed onsite from a substance that is poured into forms, then hardens, they can be any size and shape.
  • There are many options for the interior finish of concrete pools, from paint to tile to a pebbled surface.
  • Concrete pools are the usual choice for those that require a differently shaped pool to the options within a fibreglass mould or for families that prefer a large pool with curved edges, for example, a circular or oval pool that’s bigger than the standard fibreglass models.
  • The structure of a well-engineered, well-built concrete pool can last almost indefinitely if the pool is on a stable site.
  • For some projects, a concrete pool is a best and only choice

You have more swimming pool design options with a concrete pool such as incorporating a sloping or a tiered floor, or a deep floor that allows for diving.

Other visual aspects such as decorative tiling are suitable for a concrete pool only.

What is the process of getting a concrete swimming pool designed?

If you are based in Wollongong, Sutherland or throughout the Illawarra and Southern Highlands, Davron Engineering will design a swimming pool, providing a turn-key solution.

Step One

Site Visit – Providing swimming pool designs throughout the Illawarra for over 21 years our Wollongong engineering team are experienced consultants and knows councils approval requirements and regulations.

On-site our engineer will perform a soil and structural analysis – analysing any natural conditions that may affect your future swimming pool. This also assists in the location and the optimal design of a structurally sound swimming pool.

Step Two

Swimming Pool Design – Design drawings are completed showing the actual layout of the pool, including shape, elevation, and size.

Our work includes:

  • Artificial and natural rock features
  • Different designs for round and rectangular shapes
  • Pool & spa combos

We can also include plans for decks, retaining walls, bbq areas and pool fencing.

Step three

Once you are 100% satisfied with your new swimming pool design, Davron Engineering can assist in submitting an application to your local council for approval and a construction certificate.

You are then ready to build.

Wollongong Engineering firm, Davron Engineering covers all civil engineering and structural engineering of a swimming pool design, making the process of designing your swimming pool easy whether a standardised pool or a custom engineered pool plan.

Our team at Davron Wollongong Engineering aim to make this exciting time easier by providing you the perfect design according to your site, space, comfort and budget, you can also be sure we’ll provide a solution that’s unique to your life and lifestyle.

Call and speak to a friendly adviser on 02 4271 4114.

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