Swimming Pool Designs

Davron Engineering has been established for over 21 years and specialise in residential and commercial Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming Pool Designs

We can provide you with:

 We can also include plans for decks, retaining walls, bbq areas and pool fencing

Why Contact Davron Engineering for a Pool design?

There are a lot of important factors and considerations when choosing the best swimming pool design.  Our team at Davron Engineering aim to make this exciting time easier by providing you with the perfect pool design according to your site, space, comfort and budget.

We can provide a turn-key solution and/or work with a client’s architect, landscape consultant and/or house designer to consider:

Local Council Requirements

Based in Wollongong, Davron Engineering knows the Illawarra councils approval requirements and regulations.

Geotechnical Surveys

We also analyse any natural conditions that may affect your future swimming pool and work with geotechnical engineers to overcome any geotechnical and/or different site constraints.

Site Considerations

Davron engineering also considers the position of stormwater drains, pipes, sewers and utility pipes that your pool build cannot interfere with.


It is important to accurately determine the size of the area available where you want to place your pool.   Once this has been established we will help you choose the size of the swimming pool that you can install.

From bespoke luxury pool installations, plunge pools to big outdoor pools in the countryside,  our friendly Swimming Pool Design team at Davron Engineering will match your requirements.   Our team at Davron Engineering will provide you with a thorough service leveraging off extensive experience.