Top 5 Tallest Buildings in the World (That Have Been Completed)

Anything is possible in a world full of innovative minds, engineering, new technologies, and tireless manpower. We now have computers on a stick, cars that communicate with one another, zero-emissions vehicles for sustainable transportation, autonomous drones, eco-friendly buildings, and so much more.

But what is even more impressive than the above is the manmade structures that soar to extraordinary heights but remain steady like a rock.

These insanely tall structures are thousands of feet tall, yet they are as durable and strong as average-sized houses and buildings. Making such feats possible are structural engineers.

There are currently a handful of supertall structures that are under construction however here at Davron Engineering we are going to talk about the top five tallest completed buildings.

  • Burj Khalifa

Of course, the Burj Khalifa is number one in this list.

With a height of 2,717 feet (828 metres), the Burj Khalifa is the undisputed tallest building in the world.

The mega skyscraper from Dubai consists of 163 floors and is primarily made of steel and concrete. The Burj Khalifa’s astounding architecture features references to Islamic architecture but also reflects the modern design and its qualities. The supertall structure boasts hotel rooms, office suites, a restaurant, and an outdoor observation deck, among others.

  • Shanghai Tower
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Standing at 2,073 feet (632 metres), Shanghai Tower is a 128-storey supertall skyscraper regarded as the second-tallest building in the world.

Characterised by its spiralling form and curved façade, Shanghai Tower soars proudly above the skyline of China’s largest city.

It boasts an eclectic mix of hotels, offices, restaurants, and shops, as well as a sky lobby and a garden atrium.

Because of Shanghai Tower’s excellence as a structure, it gained recognition throughout China and won the Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering prize of 2018.

  • Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Despite being the third-tallest building in the world, the Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia doesn’t get that much international acclaim like its contemporaries in this list. At 1,972 feet (601 metres), the Makkah Royal Clock Tower boasts a total of 120 floors that are split between residential and hotel uses, and also offers a variety of cultural amenities that include a lunar observation centre and a cosmology museum.

  • Ping An Finance Centre

Located in Shenzhen, China, the Ping An International Finance Centre is the fourth-tallest building in the world at 1,965 feet (599.1 metres). The supertall Chinese structure perfectly represents a new age of prototypical Asian skyscraper: hyper-connected, very tall, and very dense. The Ping An Finance Centre uses huge amounts of stainless steel for its façade because this material’s outstanding corrosion resistance means that it will allow the structure to retain its appearance over the decades despite the city’s notorious salty coastal atmosphere.

  • Lotte World Tower
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At 1,819 feet (554.5 metres), Seoul’s Lotte World Tower is the fifth-tallest building in the planet.

With its sleek tapered form, the mega-skyscraper manages to stand out from Seoul’s rough topography that can be best described as rocky and mountainous.

Comprising of 123 floors, Lotte World Tower boasts a 7-star luxury hotel, an officetel, an observation deck, a rooftop café, offices, and retail components. The tower’s unique design takes inspiration from traditional Korean art forms, with a nice touch of modern aesthetic.